Joe Easter, Esq.

Since 2003, my sole focus has been to help people who’ve been injured on the job, injured because of negligent drivers and/or other personal injuries. I don’t dabble with bankruptcies or traffic tickets or anything else that isn’t directly related to injury cases.* I am strictly an injury attorney who  is ready to fight on your behalf.

I worked on the other side of the table, so to speak, before I went to law school. I saw how people were treated by several insurance companies and big corporations. My observation was that more times than not, the insurance companies thought everyone was a liar and wasn’t really hurt (no matter what proof you showed). And the big corporations? They don’t really care what excuses you have (i.e. death or dismemberment), they want their mortgage/lease/you-name-it payment.

Just because you were seriously injured doesn’t mean the bills will stop coming in. In fact, it is usually the exact opposite. And with more and more people texting and driving than ever, the cases are only getting more severe. The human body wasn’t designed to withstand impacts from 5,000+ pound vehicles and 80,000 pound tractor trailers.

I have dedicated my career to helping those that are injured AND to make the roadways a safer place. With my expertise, I will fight to make sure you are taken care of.

*I do help indigent clients through the Legal Services of Southern Missouri periodically on cases that are sometimes not related to injury cases.