Julie Finley

As Office Manager for Easter Law Firm, experience, drive and work ethic are essential to the function of the job. My last few years as office manager – coupled with my 15 years prior experience with technical writing, title research and multiple tasks in the area of support staff prepared me well for the challenges of this position.

I am responsible for past, present and future office processes and procedures to ensure a client friendly environment, effective case processing and efficient office procedures. From the initial consultation intake, to gathering and dispersing information during the case as well as archiving the data after the case is closed, it is my charge to ensure that all information is handled in the utmost professional manner. I am also responsible for many of the daily functions to keep the office running effectively and efficiently. Scheduling appointments, daily accounting, and supervision of the support staff are only a few of my duties. Reviewing, evaluating and recommending proposals from vendors is also included among my responsibilities.